Manager Report

Being that today, Friday June 2, 2017 is the day the United States formally announced its withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, I could not help but share the following table. This graph represents three possible outcomes regarding how the world will handle the so-called climate crisis. You can see the options are 1.) do nothing at all, 2.) Do everything the Paris Climate Accord suggests by 2030, and 3.) Do all the Paris Climate Accord suggest every year, 2030 to 2100. You may find yourself as mystified as I am about the trivial difference that exists between doing nothing and doing everything the Accord promises. A meager .05 degrees Celsius or roughly .09 degrees Fahrenheit.


The truth is that if we consider how meteorological values are rounded utilizing a method called “round half up asymmetric” we would find that any reduction by this insignificant value would be essentially lost in the rounding noise. For the sake of argument let’s assume we have a current global temperature of 50 degrees Celsius and through the enormous costly efforts outlined in the Paris Climate Accord we were successful and by the year 2100 we reduced global temperature to 49.95 degrees Celsius, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration would by their own standards of documentation round it back up to 50 degrees Celsius. So much for the effort, not to mention the hundreds of trillions of dollars.

We need to also remember that this “treaty” is relying on 195 Nations of varying degrees of Industrialization, 195 unique forms of governments (many governed by corrupt dictators), 195 Cultures and ethnicities, 195 distinct core values, to each do exactly as they have pledged in a document that carries no possible means of enforcement. What really are the chances of it ever being successful? I suppose we can now patiently wait and see without the risk of surrendering any more of our nation’s wealth. I think it’s been a rather good day.