Manager Report

Recently I had the pleasure to watch an interview featuring Dr. Patrick Moore PHD in Ecology and one of the original founders of Greenpeace. I found his lifetime of environmental studies to be extremely fascinating as he provides evidence of a much different climate outcome than what is currently proposed. I have put together a few of his more interesting points below, or if you would like to view his interview with Steven Crowder in its entirety, it can be seen on YouTube by searching " Louder with Crowder -Climate Change is a Scam".

The first thing I found very profound was the examination of Dr. Moore's background. His discipline of Ecology is quite possibly the most relevant of any science dedicated to studying the earths’ environment.  Ecology is the interdisciplinary study of the relationships of all factors of the environment. This science examines not just one individual element such as the ocean, sun, or glaciers but how each feature of the earth interacts with the others. Even though Dr. Moore does not discount the works of other scientists he is very adamant that the relationships between all parts of our planet are extremely complex and at present man does not fully understand them. One of his comments I did find interesting is that "Climate Science" is not a science, it is essentially comprised of many disciplines which are studied essentially independent of others. Dr. Moore also states that for anyone to suddenly declare that science is settled is dogma and nothing more than intellectual laziness.

I was also amused by his analogy of ice cream and shark attacks. What possible connection to climate change could those two things possible have? His point with those two seemingly unrelated items is that they represent a perfect correlation. Meaning that when ice cream consumption goes up, so do shark attacks. When it is hot outside people eat ice cream and then go swimming. When more people go swimming then more people are bitten by sharks. The data perfectly coincides with each other and scientifically cannot be disproven. Another correlation of interest is that between C02 and global temperature. This relationship does not represent a perfect correlation or even any lesser type of relationship. Throughout the earth's history (as conclusively proven with ice core samples) the relationship between C02 and temperature are far more often out of synch than in synch. This doesn't mean they have never been in synch, but it does clearly and scientifically prove that there is absolutely NO causal relationship. This conclusive evidence alone should strike a fatal blow to the climate change debate and the hysteria with slightly rising atmospheric CO2 levels.

Have you ever wondered why climate change proponents roll out the same old extremist warnings about every 10 years?  That time frame happens to be just long enough for most people to forget about their previous doomsday prophecies didn't come true. They seem to simply regurgitate the same worn out message that the earth will warm 2 degrees Celsius over the next 100 years and that it will spell doom for all civilization. But is 2 degrees warming necessarily a bad thing?

 Dr Moore has one of the more thought provoking scientifically based theories on what the world would look like with 2 degrees Celsius warming. While climate change proponents claim an end to civilization, Dr. Moore paints a very contrasting view as a warming planet would also experience much more moisture. While vast areas of Canada and Russia are now covered in ice, they would be made available for agriculture, the southern hemisphere would not turn into vast desert wastelands, but areas that are arid and dry would become wet and productive. Dare I even utter this blasphemy, but rising temperatures could be a divine gift? I personally do not see a more effective way to feed an ever-increasing population, but there it is. Should we implement global policy to increase C02 emissions?

The long and short of it is the earth continues to work in natural cycles. Natural cycles that we still don’t fully understand.  Ecology is without doubt the best authority to gain a better understanding of how the world works, but even so there are seemingly endless variables and unknowns. For any prophet to even begin to predict the climate of the future is an exercise in futility which should be viewed with great skepticism.  With Dr. Moore's insight and lifetime work we now get to essentially hedge the topic of Climate Change. If it doesn't happen, which it likely won't to any significant degree, we have nothing to fear. If it does happen, well that might be even better.