Manager Report

The Psychology of Global Warming

As most of the world emerged from a bitterly cold and lengthy winter, with numerous record low temperatures recorded all around the globe, I couldn’t help but scour the internet for any global climate news that might suggest global warming might not actually be occurring. Incredibly the only articles I could find still centered around the fact that the record cold temperatures of 2017-2018 were once again irrefutable conformation of the ongoing climate disaster. To put in in climate change proponents’ terms, if it’s exceedingly hot outside, then its global warming, if its record breaking cold, well that once again means its global warming. I guess the real question we need to consider is that if any type of weather (warming or cooling) is conclusive proof of global warming, then what kind of evidence would be necessary to prove global cooling?

I pose this question only partly in jest, as I really would like someone to tell me how science gets to have it both ways. The only rational explanation I can come up with lies a totally unfamiliar and mysterious science, at least to me, “psychology”. After all, with the lack of any empirical scientific evidence to support the global warming hypothesis, what possibly could make one who is freezing in the winter emphatically believe the world is warming.

The answer might ultimately lie in the condition of one’s mind in the form of a mass hypnosis of the public. Since relatively few of us are climate scientists and we all rely on the information fed to us by our various media outlets, we are all to some degree susceptible to this type of manipulation. If we are told the same message with great frequency, the human condition suggests that we begin to believe it. This is not unlike the “cult” mentality where simple belief ultimately outweighs any factual evidence. These beliefs, with ample reinforcement by the media, can lead some very irrational behaviors. Anyone remember the Heavens Gate Cult and their fanatic belief that they could board a space ship following the Hale-Bopp comet?  While incredibly far- fetched, no one can argue their message wasn’t somewhat effective as it led to the mass suicide of 39 members?

While global warming isn’t quite as bizarre as the Heaven’s Gate cult, it does share some similarities. For one there is a psychology term called “cognitive momentum” in which a person who has decided to believe in something and has publicly stated this belief finds it extremely difficult to accept any alternative explanation. No matter the evidence, they simply refuse to surrender their opinion. For many choices in life this state of mind is fine. Things like the arts, music, and literature are all entirely subjective. In science, cognitive momentum has no place and any true proponent of the scientific process must be willing to change their position when the evidence no longer supports the theory.

The truth is that global warming has never been interested in science. It is a geo-political exercise designed to demonize CO2. People have been guilt tripped into supporting the regulation of a fundamental building block of life, irrespective of cost. Scientists have become cultists and a compliant media has been relegated to propagandists. So again, I must ask, if everything points towards global warming, warm weather, freezing weather, more hurricanes, less hurricanes, floods, droughts and everything in between, then how can it ever possibly be disproven?